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This Unemployment Compensation Initiative is

  • an ongoing project whose success will depend on the support and participation of everyone who believes that faculty employment practices in higher education are in serious need of reform.  Whether or not you qualify for or need this benefit, you can show your support for adjunct and contingent faculty members by making sure that others who may be eligible know about it. If you do apply, be sure to report your experience.  Remember: information is power.

  • an effort that can build community and solidarity among all faculty members working in higher education.  By filing in groups, faculty members can support each other, enlist the aid of experts to advise them, and know that they have greater protection against possible retaliation.

  • one way to educate the public at large about what is really happening on college campuses.  Outside of the academy, most people think that anyone who teaches at the college level must be well-compensated and supported.  Revealing the truth -- that so many faculty members qualify for and need unemployment benefits and other forms of public assistance -- will lead to demands for explanation and accountability.

  • the first of many activities that NFM will undertake in order to: educate the higher ed community and the general public about the appalling situation of college and university faculty employment practices; advocate for reform; persuade public officeholders and citizens to enact legislation that supports the faculty members who are instrumental to improving higher education; and engage in litigation, when necessary, to protect the rights of higher education teaching professionals.

Plans for the continuing development of this initiative and web site include:

  • recruiting NFM UCI state and local coordinators to serve as point persons for faculty members applying in specific localities and states;

  • adding links to union locals like the Santa Rosa Junior College AFA and other organizations like Chicago COCAL that support adjunct and contingent faculty

  • adding links to particular rules, policies, and contracts governing the employment of adjunct and contingent faculty at individual colleges and universities, like the Rules of the University of Akron and the contract between Olympic College and Employers Unity LLC.

  • setting up (or linking to existing) online petitions and communication campaigns that focus on securing unemployment compensation rights for adjunct and contingent faculty (such as this one from PSC/CUNY)

We encourage you to provide us with feedback and suggestions to continue to improve this web site and to strengthen this initiative.  Please use this contact form to reach us most efficiently.


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