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NFM seeks Advisors from different backgrounds and with different perspectives, but who are united in a common vision of securing economic justice and academic freedom for all contingent faculty working in higher education.  The Advisory Board has been asked to lend its support and provide ideas and feedback to the Board of Directors as it develops appropriate policies and organizational structures to help us achieve our goals.

Organizational affiliation is included for identification purposes only; individuals represent only themselves, not the institutions where they are teaching or other organizations in which they are active.

Joe Berry, Contingent Faculty Activist and Author, Reclaiming the Ivory Tower: Organizing Adjuncts to Change Higher Education (2005) 

Marc Bousquet, Associate Professor of English, Santa Clara University; Member, National Council of the American Association of University Professors; Founding Editor, Workplace: A Journal for Academic Labor

Gwendolyn Bradley, Director of Communications, American Association of University Professors (AAUP)

Frank Cosco, Instructor, ESL, Vancouver Community College, BC; President of Vancouver Community College Faculty Association

Pablo Eisenberg, Senior Fellow, Public Policy Institute, Georgetown University, Washington, DC

Judith Gappa, Professor Emerita, Purdue University; Author, The Invisible Faculty: Improving the Status of Part-timers in Higher Education (1993) and Rethinking Faculty Work: Higher Education's Strategic Imperative (2007)

Elizabeth Hoffman
, Associate Vice President, Lecturers, California Faculty Association; Lecturer, English, California State University Long Beach

Deborah Louis, Adjunct professor of political science, criminal justice, and women's studies at  Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College and Eastern Kentucky University; Author, And We Are Not Saved: A History of the Movement as People (1970); former Executive Director, National Women's Studies Association

Richard Moser, Senior Staff Representative, Rutgers AAUP-AFT; First Chair of Campus Equity Week

Eileen E. Schell, Associate Professor of Writing and Rhetoric, Writing Program Director, Syracuse University; Author, Gypsy Academics and Mother-Teachers: Gender, Contingent Labor, and Writing Instruction (1998); Co-editor (with Patricia L. Stock), Moving a Mountain: Transforming the Role of Contingent Faculty in Composition Studies and Higher Education (2001)

Sandra Schroeder, President, AFT Washington

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